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Leverage our ad network of over 50M+ users. Cradle reveals boundless horizons, empowering you to effortlessly connect with the perfect audience while driving efficient and cost-effective performance marketing strategies.

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    Find the right acquisition channel for you.

    Access our channels of 50M+ users globally to grow your products reach. Do this using industry leading ad infrastructure and find what ad units deliver the best performance for you.

    Multi-step Engagement campaigns which allows users to perform actions that you want to drive. Users get rewarded in the app they are coming from in exchange. Gain a community member not just a user.

    The Preferred Partner for Forward-Thinking Web3 Marketers

    Traditional ad networks don't want to work with you. We'll bring you in and tailor your marketing approach to drive your key metric(s).

    Drive KPIs

    What’s your north star? We'll help drive THAT metric.

    We'll help identify what your key KPIs are determine with you what campaign(s) fit your puzzle best.

    Advanced Targeting

    Who are your target users ? We'll find them and help bring them to your product.

    We ensure that ads are served to the right audience, and our sophisticated ad optimization algorithms continually monitor and adjust ad placements to ensure maximum performance.


    One size usually doesn't fit all. We'll find the right option(s) for YOU.

    Our ad network provides a variety of placement types, including offerwalls, interstitials, rewarded videos, and interactive ads designed to meet your need of high conversion rates and retentive users.

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