The User Acquisition Platform for Web3 Games.

The #1 User Acquisition Platform for Web3 Games. Leverage a world class ad network and acquire retentive users in 180+ countries. Available on all chains.

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Find better performance than any other ad network.

If you're already running ads, come in with your existing CPI & CPA benchmarks and find better performance. Cradle for Web3 Games will perform better than your current Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Unity Ads, Applovin & more.

Recently, we worked with Cradle to identify ad placements in game genres that were more performant while targetting players who were beyond certain progress points in their respective games like a previous IAP, extensive playtime, etc. We were able to halve our CPI cost, increase D7 retention by 21%, and increase LTV by 13%.

How Cradle Works. - We help get users to the 'AHA' moment.

At Cradle, we focus on identifying your 'AHA' moment and pushing users down the funnel till they activate.

  • Identify the key action(s) you want to drive. We'll hop on a call with you and identify the key action(s) you want to drive. This can be something as simple as an install or a registration all the way to deep actions such as minting an NFT or performing a swap.
  • Campaign Expectations + Attribution. We'll put together a rough report on how we think the campaign will perform and the key metrics it will drive with your budget along with making sure that attribution is set up to track all the actions we are driving.
  • Campaign Starts. The campaign will start where we'll start driving traffic to your game and will push users to perform key actions. We do this by showing users an ad and once they click on the ad, we give them an incentive to reach the 'AHA' moment.
  • End of Campaign Report. You'll receive a report at the end with a detailed break down of the success of the campaign. Typically advertisers will want to run the campaign again with larger budgets after this point.

Start running a test campaign for as low as $500 today.